Company News & Events

Company News & Events

New UK-based Cloud Server Hosting Service
Hatchgate Software is pleased to announce the acquisition of new UK-based cloud servers. If you do not currently own a server, why not try out our virtual servers. Available through a low-cost monthly rental, your office staff and engineers can access your company's service and stock information via an internet cloud service. This represents huge cost savings as you do not need to purchase or maintain server hardware and software of your own. The virtual servers are fast and can be used from almost anywhere, so if you also have laptops or tablet pc's using a roaming data connection (e.g. 3G/4G), you can still access your company's information.

Tested For Windows 10
Mercury Systems has now been successfully tested on Microsoft's new Windows 10 Operating System. Any desktop pc, laptop or tablet running Windows 10 will not have a problem running our software.

Mercury Systems Demonstration Version now available
If you would like a demonstration of Mercury Service Manager, Mercury Stock Manager, or Mercury K-BASE prior to purchase, please complete the following online form. There are no databases to install - we can quickly download and install the client software onto your pc, and you will be connected to Hatchgate Software's cloud-server demonstration database. From there you can try out most features within Mercury Systems (some advanced features require special configuration and so are not initially available on the demonstration).

Mercury K-BASE Online now available
Mercury K-BASE (a module available as part of Mercury Systems) is now also available via a website free-of-charge to all existing Mercury K-BASE customers. Because it is website-based, it can therefore be viewed on smartphone and tablet devices such as iPhone / iPad and android-based devices, in addition to your engineers Windows-based laptops.

Tested For Windows 8
Mercury Systems has now been successfully tested on Microsoft's new Windows 8 / Windows 8 'Pro' Operating Systems. Any desktop pc, laptop or tablet running Windows 8 or Windows 8 'Pro' will not have a problem running our software. The single exception is the tablet-only operating system called Windows RT, which is not compatible with our software.

Mercury Systems has now been released
Mercury Service Manager, Stock Manager and K-BASE have been combined to form a new streamlined 'super' system - called Mercury Systems.  The new system provides total integration between service, stock, K-Base and WebSync, plus a brand new 'Office 2010'-style user-customisable menu interface.  In addition, a Quick Access Toolbar allows individual users to configure icons important to them.  For the technically-minded, the core program executable is very small at only around 6Mb in size, thus saving valuable memory.

Mercury ServiceWeb now released
Hatchgate Software customers can now use Mercury ServiceWeb website to allow their customers and engineers to view service jobs on a website. There is now a product page describing Mercury ServiceWeb in more details - click here to learn more.

Disaster-Planning:  Redundant Server
Hatchgate Software has created a fully-functioning redundant server for use by our Mercury Service Manager & Stock Manager customers. Each night, your databases can be automatically and securely duplicated on our customer server and made ready for immediate use should your own company server fail. Your staff can continue to work on your databases using our server until your server is back up and running.

Calling all Hatchgate Software customers... Latest updates to Mercury Product Family are now available
Updates to Mercury Service Manager, Mercury Stock Manager, and Mercury K-BASE are now available for general release. Please either run the automated software update utility, or check with Hatchgate Software to ensure your software is up-to-date.

To see what new features have been added to Mercury Systems, click here.

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